I used to live very slow, until I became a little bit more adventurous... ✈


I used to live less, until I became a little bit more adventurous... ✈




The Fascinating Tour To Chernobyl, a Trip Back To The Past

I never had imagined I would be going to Chernobyl. My initial plans were to go to Kiev for a long weekend, but in an almost improvised plan, on the edge, 10 days before of travelling, I booked my tickets to cross the Exclusion Zone. I figured out that there are tours that organize visits to the inside of the Exclusion Zone, making some stop along the way to Pripyat. I couldn’t avoid having a combination of concern and curiosity about Chernobyl. The tickets were close to sold-out and

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Digital Marketing


When I did my first trip, I didn’t have enough resources to travel and it was impossible to get a group of friends together, so I had to go solo I wanted to travel. 
Nothing of luxury hotels or fancy activities, I only got my flight tickets, a few locations on a map and the rest would be to play. This way I started to build my own story, It was like playing an adventure videogame, but in real life. 
After my first trip alone my life changed. I wanted to continue “playing”. This is how I became a travel lover and started to appreciate so much my time to discover new places and live new experiences.
So Travel like a game was born, a new digital adventure that inspired and expanded people’s minds to live more, because Travel Like A Game is not just about travel, it’s also about personal growth, awareness and FREEDOM.
Travel like a game wants to be the expression of those that despite of their limitations, challenge themselves to go further in life.
My mission is encouraging travel lovers to believe in themselves. going further and not settle for less. And I found a way to let all those who love travel to explore new horizonts, new levels of freedom and abudance by leveraging the potential of the online world….
"He is an awesome guy full of energy and good vibes! He is so friendly and cool! Such a nice conversations and clever way to see life"
Jesús Cobos
Video Producer
“I met Felipe travelling in Athens. He is positive, energetic and friendly, has so many travel-stories to tell. He is also really kind and attentive by his heart. I recommend to meet him somewhere around the world."
Eva Bakos
UX Designer